Practise Area

How Herb Roberts Engineering & Consulting can support your needs.

• For your forensic engineering needs, we offer services in conducting technical analysis concerning the causation of physical injuries resulting from incidents involving motor vehicles, industrial equipment, slip and falls, including examination and damage assessment of mechanical equipment and components, analysis of fractures and failures, mechanical testing of materials, corrosion analysis and testing, and metallurgical and materials analysis and testing.

• For your product development needs, we offer services to support the transformation of market opportunities into a products available for sale. We can support one or all of the of New Product Introduction steps: 1. Product Concept, 2. Research, 3. Product Design Development, 4. Research and development of the final design, 5. CAD, 6. CAM & Tooling Design, 7. Prototype Testing, 8. Manufacturing Development, 9. Assembly, and 10. Testing & Feedback, 11. Final Product Development, and 12. Final Product Production.

• Innovation consulting and training needs, we help companies create new ideas that become new products and services. We help organizations rediscover their inner entrepreneur, by helping executive teams create a strategic vision and communicate that vision that reminds the business about the importance and relevance of innovation. We help you align a future orientation innovators need to identify the needs and wants of customers and address them before your current competitors or new startups capture the white space of opportunity with restrictive IP and new-market building products and services.